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2015 Convention Highlights

Gearing Up For Success 2

Thank You To All Who Attended!

November 6 – 8, 2015

Grappone Conference Center ● Concord, New Hampshire

Please see coverage of the convention here. An article on new officers, board members, and delegates to the National Farmers Union convention is here. Convention resources are here.


Program Highlights

Legislative Update & Discussion

Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act, signed into law by President Obama in January 2011, was the first overhaul of the nation’s food laws in more than 70 years. The act for the first time put the authority to regulate food safety on farms and processing centers into the hands of the Food and Drug Administration. This panel will touch on how the rules were shaped by input by organizations such as New England Farmers Union and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and how the finalized regulations will impact New England’s diversified farms.

Accessing Local & Regional Food System

Clearly, the local food movement is more than a trend. Especially in New England, where we’ve seen an explosion in the growth of CSAs, farmers markets, farm-to-school activity, and direct sales at farms, consumers generally prefer to buy local. Meeting that increasing demand, however, is not always easy. This panel addresses the challenges and opportunities facing local and regional food systems.

Climate Change and Agriculture: What’s Coming and How to Prepare

Recently the National Farmers Union board of directors selected climate change as the organization’s top issue area going forward because of the tremendous threat it poses to family agriculture. This panel will look at the science of what can be done to curtail manmade impacts to our climate, and how farmers can prepare for weather variability, including more intense precipitation, warmer temperatures, and intensifying weed, pest, and disease outbreaks.

Convention Dinner and Basket Social Auction

Closing Reception Breakfast & Farm Bill Listening Session

Annual Meeting and Updates to Policy Book

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