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Co-op Members

The Farmers Union has a legacy in co-operative development that continues to this day.  Here in New England, we welcome co-ops and their member-owners as members of NEFU.

Producer Co-op Members of NEFU

Co-operative enterprise plays an important role in sustaining our region’s farmers and fishermen.  Members of NEFU include:

Food Co-ops

Many food co-ops across New England are members of NEFU, and the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) is an affiliate, representing their commitment to collaboration with our region’s farmers and fishermen.  As part of this this partnership, NFCA member co-ops and individual food co-op members receive a discount on membership in NEFU.  Follow this link for more information on this partnership.  NEFU members include:




New Hampshire


*NFCA Member Food Co-op.

Other Co-op Members of NEFU

NEFU also has co-operative and mutual members from other areas of the food system and economy, including:

  1. Equal Exchange (Worker Co-op)
  2. Real Pickles Co-operative (Worker Co-op)

Co-op Support Organizations

In addition to NEFU and the NFCA, there are other non-profit organizations in our region supporting co-operative development.  Members of NEFU include:

  1. Co-operative Development Institute (Non-profit)
  2. Co-operative Fund of New England (Non-profit)
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