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Let’s Support our Fishermen Members!
Call Gov. Baker Today!

New England’s fishing industry has been in the news a lot recently, from the decline of cod to fishermen having to pay for observers on their boats. These issues are precipitating the greatest fishery crisis in recent history: It will put fishermen in our state out of business. Governor Baker has the power to fix the problem and save our fleet.

According to the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, longtime members of the New England Farmers Union, New England’s groundfish fishery was officially declared a disaster by Congress in 2012, and money was appropriated to each state to help fishermen affected by the decline of cod make it through tough times.

The last pot of money (bin 3 groundfish disaster money, approximately $6.7M) is now slated for distribution, but Governor Baker’s current plan only proposes to help a select few fishermen while excluding the vast majority, including 90 percent of the Cape Cod day-boat fleet. We are asking Governor Baker to help the small-boat fleet and revise his proposal to distribute the last remaining disaster funds to all active commercial groundfishermen in the state.

The governor championed the state’s family fishermen during his election campaign, and we can all ask him to make good on his promise. He has the power to save Cape Cod’s commercial fishing fleet; let’s help him make the right decision.

If you care about the future of Cape Cod’s fishing families and eating fresh, local fish, please call Governor Baker. Call 617-725-4000 and let the Governor know that you want him to distribute “bin 3 groundfish disaster money,” which was paid for with your tax dollars, to all active commercial fishermen so that the small-boat fleet can keep fishing!

Here is an important Cape Cod Times story outlining the issue:


You can also call the following:


US Congressman Bill Keating – 508-771-0666 (district office)

Cape & Islands delegation

State Senator DeMacedo – 617-722-1330

State Senator Dan Wolf – 617-722-1570

State Rep. Tim Whelan – 617-722-2014

State Rep. Brian Mannal – 617-722-2210

State Rep. David Viera – 617-722-2230 or 508-548-8683 (district office)

State Rep. Sarah Peake – 617-722-2040 or 508-487-5694 (district office)

State Rep Randy Hunt – 617-722-2396 or 508-888-2158 (district office)

State Rep Tim Madden – 617-722-2810 or 508-540-0035 (district office)

State Administration

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matt Beaton – 617-626-1000

Thank you for supporting the small boat fishermen members of New England Farmers Union!


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