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Do you think NEFU is just for farmers and fishermen?
Our work benefits everyone! If you care about where your food comes from, renewable energy, the environment, supporting local producers, co-operative businesses and education about co-operatives, health care, trade, vibrant rural and coastal communities, and other important issues, our organization is for you. The policy and direction of NEFU is determined by our grassroots members — people just like you.

Do you fear you don’t have a voice to tell your story and create change?
We are on the front lines of legislative activity, providing opportunities for members to meet face-to-face with policymakers in Washington, D.C. We’ll help you make your voice heard!

Do you worry about your bottom line?
We help improve the economic well-being for farmers, fishermen, foresters and nurserymen by advocating for policies that help operations like yours thrive. We also offer our members discounts at more than 6,000 hotels nationwide, savings on car rentals and much more. 

Do you think about the farms and fishing operations your children and grandchildren will inherit?
We work to build a promising future for these businesses by supporting policies that protect the environment, family farms and sustainable fishing practices. We support initiatives for beginning farmers, farmer veterans and women farmers. 

Do you see your way of life and rural community eroding with time?
We help preserve the culture and economic health of agriculture, horticulture, fishing and rural communities.

Do you wish you knew more about the issues that affect you where you live?
We educate members and the public about issues that affect farmers, fishermen, foresters, nurserymen and consumers.

Your voice is important to us!
Join the region’s most progressive farm organization and become part of the solution. You may also download our brochure or our membership form.

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